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Final result photo.jpg

Apartment arrangement in minimalist-modern style.

Location: Oradea, Romania.

IMG_1515-Edit copy.jpg

Apartment arrangement in modern-contemporary style.
Location: Oradea, Romania.


Fitting a bathroom in a modern-contemporary style.
Location: Bucharest, Romania.


Modern terrace design.
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Design of a single-family home, in a modern-contemporary style, with retro elements.
Location: Timisoara, Romania.


Apartment design in contemporary style.
Location: Bucharest, Romania.


Contemporary home design.
Location: Lugoj, Romania.


Apartment design in modern-contemporary style, with glam elements.
Location: Hunedoara, Romania.


Furnishing of a single-family home, in a modern-farmhouse style.
Location: Ploiesti, Romania.

Copy of Modern-Classic living room_edited.jpg

Design of a single-family home, in a contemporary-classical style.
Location: Baia Mare, Romania.

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